Kylie Jenner Has 99 Problems And Taking The Perfect SELFIE Is One Of Them (PHOTOS) 

While most of us worry about food, clothes and other things in life, social media queen Kylie Jenner admits she struggles and pressures to take the perfect selfie as her life revolves around her social media image.

In her new own E! series, Life of Kylie, the teen says “it’s hard to feel normal” in a world of private jets, expensive cars and glam teams.

Posing for a selfie, she says “I look really cute,”

Posting a selfie is hard because there’s a lot of pressure. It just has to be perfect.”

“Three million likes…” she continues after posting it.

Off camera, a producer says, “Wow, three million. Jesus.” 
She continued “I check the comments, like, right when I post. If they’re like, ‘what the f**k is this Kylie?’ then I delete that s**t super fast and reevaluate my decision.”

It’s safe to say the clan lives for the attention, right? 

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